Using Flash

Using Flash in Street photography is quite difficult or sometimes uncomfortable, but it gives very satisfying results. After I bought "Ricoh GR Digital", I wanted to make use of the in-built flash in some difficult lighting situations. I also wanted to try flash in night people photography, especially longer exposure pictures. 

Flash can separate the main subject(s) from background. It gives more pleasing results with deep contrast & high saturation. 

How I do it ? 

  • Flash can be on camera (in build or external) or off camera flash. I have used my Ricoh GR with in-built flash. 
  • Set the flash sync to either first (front) curtain or rear (second) curtain depends on the requirement.
  • Shoot with longer exposure to capture some parts of the picture in detail.
  • Look for more dynamic scene to get more aesthetically pleasing picture.

Some of the inspirations 

Bruce Gilden

Salvatore Matarazzo

Boris the Flash

Johan Jehlbo

Barry Talis

Skyid J Wang

Please find some of the pictures taken with Ricoh GR.